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Our Purpose

Kase Manages the parking lots for residental properties as well as commerical properties. We enforce the rules and regualations set  by the property owners or/and property management companies.

Our Experience

Kase Parking Enforcement has over 15 years in the parking enforcement field. From our experince in the towing industry we have learn the costly affects of impounding a vehicle. The cost can be upwards to $300 dollars the first day with charges being added daily. In some extreme cases if you are not able to pay fees you could lose your vehicle.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a service to our clients that serves their needs but also is a less aggresive way of regulating parking rules. Booting a vehicle is our solution. This is not only a less aggresive way of regulating parking rules. Its also  less of a financial burden on those in violation. Booting also is a visual deterent, by seeing a vehicle booted people think twice about where they park on the property.

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